Building Trust through Blockchain

Our mission is clear: Disrupt the aerospace parts industry by fundamentally changing the expectations of our customers.

Today, customers don't typically expect to put an aerospace part in their cart and checkout online. While many might have theories to explain why e-commerce has yet to arrive on the used serviceable material (USM) scene, our team at GoDirect Trade believes it all boils down to one thing: Trust.

When a customer uses a site today for inventory discovery, does she trust that the part is authentic? When a customer uses a site for pricing discovery, does she believe she is getting the best price? When a customer uses a site to checkout, does she believe that she is safe from scams and potential problems down the road? I think that for many of these questions, the answer is no.

Manufacturing trust into the customer experience is multi-faceted and it simply won't happen overnight. Imagine a big boulder that sits between the Customer and the Seller. That big boulder is mistrust and there is no way to blow up that boulder in one fell swoop. The only way to remove the boulder is to chip away at it until enough of the barrier is removed. Ultimately, we need to create an experience that enables the buyer and seller to interact with ease.

Inside our GoDirect Trade marketplace, blockchain is simply an enabler that will help us chip away at that boulder of mistrust. Our team has been working tirelessly to deploy blockchain technologies that will help bring more part transparency to our customers. Not only are we using the technology but we are partnering with others in the industry who are just as dedicated and obsessed with the customer experience as we are.

Today, customers expect the buying process to involve telephone calls and emails.

Tomorrow, we want our customers to expect and demand a true e-commerce experience.

The Digital Age is here. Are you ready for it?