We are a full fledged startup that lives inside the four walls of a Corporate America giant we fondly call Honeywell. Despite the fact that we are surrounded by the A-Z Encyclopedia Britannica of corporate rules and procedures, in order to survive, we move with speed and agility. Put simply, we are just like any other seedling business trying to launch - all we're missing is the garage. 

mall;">Indeed, every day is as interesting as you would imagine.

Over the past few months, it has been nothing short of an adventure. Thinking back on what it has taken to get this startup across the finish line, I laugh, I cringe, and I hold my head up high because holy geez, we have accomplished insurmountable feats. Rather than capture our fond memories with words, I wanted to tell our story in an unconventional way. And for a startup trying to blaze a new path for the Aerospace parts industry, this is a perfect way to start. 

How the deployment team felt the moment www.GoDirectTrade went live.

When general counsel asks me to review and approve legal documents.

How I felt when I saw my startup budget for the year.

How our graphic designers react when we try to create images on our own.

When you're dealing with a hundred critical issues before go-live and someone sends you an email that the font size is wrong on a button.

When someone raves to me about the competition.

The moment someone finally explained how important SEO was to GoDirect Trade.

First time we received positive customer feedback.

When I gave the GoDirect Trade elevator pitch for the first time.

. . . The last time I gave the GoDirect Trade elevator pitch.

The moment we signed our first paying customer.

When we deployed a feature the customers didn't like, I was like

When someone asks, how exactly are you going to make money?

When the team has to decide what to include in Minimum Viable Product 1 (MVP).

What it looks like behind the code of a last minute bug fix.

What we feel like when a customer discovers a product bug.