Literally, every single day, I end up pitching GoDirect Trade to someone. Potential Seller. Future Buyer. The Ice cream Man. It matters not. The fact of the matter is that every day I pitch and every day I feel like I get better and better at it. You’re looking at someone who can’t even sell a box of girl scout cookies—so channeling my inner salesperson is a big growth opp for me. And as I pitch it, not only does the delivery get smoother but by God, I seem to be genuinely believing this Kool-Aid. You tell me what you think.

Let's makeup a scenario: I’m talking to a guy named Phil from Aero X, a trader that already lists on an existing bland, vanilla listing site. Phil doesn’t see the benefit of listing anywhere else. Typical.

The pitch:

Me: Phil, I agree with you. Everyone posts inventory on only a handful of listing sites. But let me ask you something. Give me the name of one of your top competitors.

Phil: Hmm, let’s go with Turbo X.

Me: So, they’re competitors with you because you might list the same parts for sale on the same listing site. In other words, you’re competing for the same Buyers to purchase the same parts. Whoa, that is a lot of "sames".

Phil: Yes, that’s right.

Me: You gotta love the Free World of commerce, right? But I digress. Say you have an overhauled gearbox for sale. Today, you’re going to list that part. And where do you think your competitor is also going to list?

Phil: Um, same listing site?

Me: Same wave length, Phil. So, your overhauled gearbox is for sale online. And let’s assume your nemesis, Turbo X, also has an overhauled gearbox for sale. At this point, all things being equal, there’s not a single thing to differentiate your overhauled gearbox from your nemesis’ overhauled gearbox. The only thing existing sites will tell you is the part, condition, and quantity. And not a single syllable more. At this point, the Buyer now picks up the rotary phone and calls both of you to try to make a deal. Agreed?

Phil: <Nods in agreement>

Me: Now imagine we fast forward into today’s world of modern technology. Where the Digital World reigns. Imagine Buyer Sally starts in a vanilla listing site like normal and sees the two overhauled gearboxes for sale. Then it dawns on her. Hmmm, I wonder if GoDirect Trade is listing this gearbox? Buyer Sally punches a few keys and voila! Your storefront, Aero Trade, displays that overhauled gearbox.

But it’s no longer just another line on the screen. This is the whole enchilada. Product images, quality documents and price . . . oh, my. There’s even an easy blue button next to the listing that says “Ask the Seller”.

So tell me, Phil. Who do you think Buyer Sally will contact first? Who do you think has the advantage here? Who do you think makes it easier and breezier for a Buyer to make a purchase? It’s you, Phil.

Phil: <Phil gives me a fist bump>.

Me: Let’s be Facebook friends.

The more I think about the implications for anyone who competes with any storefront on GoDirect Trade, the more I cringe for the “other gal”. By November, Honeywell Aerospace Trading (HAT) will pave the way and list all their parts for sale on GoDirect Trade. Which means total access for the entire Free World to see their parts for sale in a whole different Hollywood Magic light. Now buyers that start in a vanilla listing site and see HAT listings will make their way to GoDirect Trade once they figure out that they no longer have to call to get all the information they need.

Everyone wants transparency. And everyone wants easy. Buyers will be naturally drawn to any storefront that leverages GoDirect Trade.

Who disturbs my slumber? It is I. GoDirect Trade.

Let’s Talk Trade Next Time.


Lisa Butters is General Manager of the Honeywell Aerospace GoDirect Trade Greenhouse. A 15-year Honeywell employee, she worked in various Customer & Product Support, Honeywell Operating System, Air Transport & Regional and Information Technology roles before taking her current position in 2018. A self-described “tech geek,” she is obsessed with discovering unidentified needs and desires for customers.