Welcome to our Marketplace!

All this positive juju around GoDirect™ Trade but the real question of the day is:

How do I start buying?

We wish all questions were this easy to answer!

Our customers are allowed free access to search for aerospace parts. All we ask is that you register as a GoDirect™ Trade user and then you can browse away.

Honeywell Aerospace Trading will be the first storefront launched on GoDirect™ Trade. In the following months, you will see more “Grand Openings” of additional storefronts. Early Collaborators such as Dassault Falcon Jets, Delta Material Services, Standard AERO, Rockwell Collins, Turbo Resources and H&S Aviation will offer premium listings through their own customized storefronts.

GoDirect™ Trade is still a beta version but we hope you will be delighted with our key features. Listings must display price, product images and quality documents and conversations between you and the seller should be straightforward and easy. Our mission is to disrupt the aerospace industry by fundamentally changing YOUR expectations. The day you wake up and refuse to make a purchase until price, product images, and quality documents are readily available is the day we know we succeeded in shifting this industry into the Digital Age.   

Believe us when we say that we are obsessed with our customers. GoDirect™ Trade and its premium sellers want to identify your unmet needs and desires—so please keep using the site so you can give us constructive feedback! Thank you for choosing GoDirect™ Trade - we want to earn the right to become your trusted marketplace.

Warm Regards,

Lisa Butters Lisa Butters
General Manager, GoDirect™ Trade