What is GoDirect Trade & How do I Start Selling?

At GoDirect™ Trade we're all about creating a frictionless and easy-to-use environment for buyers.  To meet this goal, the key element around becoming a seller is a willingness to post listings online with at least one product image, one quality document, and a price.  These data points are fundamental in the effort to revolutionize the industry and drive true efficiency into the sales process. 

Every listing on GoDirect™ Trade holds all the information needed for an informed buyer to make a decision and act on it.  Every listing. No exception.  If this sounds like the step you're ready to take, we welcome you on our journey!   

Customers value information over price!

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We have plenty of metrics and data points.  2000+ users from over 800 companies.  Nearly $2M in sales booked for our sellers in the first five months.  But, the most compelling measure:  55% of all orders placed through GoDirect™ Trade required no seller intervention.  Customers simply found the part they wanted, viewed the image, documents, and price, placed it in their cart and checked out.  Simple as that and our seller had the sale! 

A recent survey conducted by Avionos found that 88% of B2B buyers want information at their fingertips and value it over price alone.  Join the rest of the Aero industry in the new way used serviceable and new surplus inventory is sold online. Don’t be left behind!

How is GoDirectTrade.com different from the rest?

Well, if you are still asking that question, let's make this simple;

• No ghost listings √
• Quality listings: pics, paperwork, price - All listings √
• Eliminate the need to send RFQs √
• Eliminate the need to respond to RFQs √
• Ability to checkout online on your time √
• Free up time to focus on larger, strategic sales √
• Access to a large base of buyers and companies √
• Be on the cutting edge of industry evolution √
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So, Back to the First Question... How do I Start Selling?

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If you're ready to take the next step and be part of the greatest thing to hit Aerospace since Orville and Wilbur took the skies and you're obsessed with creating a true customer focused approach to business, then click here to start the seller registration process or get more details from me, Tony Perillo, Disciple of the Digital Age (and Business Growth Leader).

   Warm Regards,

Tony Perillo Tony Perillo